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Another way of keeping up-to-date is to subscribe to an RSS-Feed for search results or specific keywords. RSS means "Really Simple Syndication". RSS-Feeds can be read through a specific type of applications called RSS-Readers. Sometimes these applications are called Feedreaders or Aggregators. RSS-Readers allow to manage and read RSS-Feeds. Try it and see how easy it is to use RSS feeds:


1.) Download an RSS-Reader from this list (e.g. BlogLines) or use an online reader.

2.) If you find one of these icons [show RSS icons] or you can see the word RSS somewhere, behind this text or icon is the link for your RSS-Reader. So you have to copy this link and paste it into the reader.

3.) After you have successfully subscribed to the RSS-Feed of your favourite repository or preprint server, your RSS-Reader informs you whenever a new resource for your profile has been added.