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Pupil Council

  • Gives pupils the chance to share their ideas with their peers and teachers
  • Represents each pupil and is way to put forward pupils ideas and views
  • Meets on a regular way to discuss important school issues and projects
  • Puts forward the views of all pupils

How to get onto a pupil council

  • By standing for election through being nominated or nominating yourself
  • By a democratically run election with pupils and teachers having equal voting rights
  • Voting will be counted and verified correct
  • Support to run and if any doubts over decisions will seek consensus from pupils

The pupil council probably has

  • A constitution, which are rules setting out roles and responsibilities
  • A defined meeting system based on the constitution - may be hierarchical and include agendas and minutes
  • A recorder of items discussed at the meetings
  • A support teacher who assists

Pupil council meeting

  • At pupil council meeting important issues are discussed, ideas shared and action points decided.
  • The aim is for the discussions to be orderly and fair, with everyone having an equal opportunity to talk or be listened to.
  • It is important that all councilors share their viewpoints during the meeting.
  • Aim for consensus in making decisions and use the Warrington School Decision Making Process

After the meeting

  • After the meeting councilors report back to their class while things are still fresh in their minds - this helps every pupil to feel involved
  • Teachers need to give enough time to let the class discuss points that have been raised 
  • A class or school suggestion box can also be used to gather ideas, which can be discussed at the next meeting

What are the benefits of a pupil council?

  • The pupil council involves you in decisions that affect you, your class and your school.
  • It keeps you informed about the life of the school and helps you to gain the confidence to have your say.
  • It also can help you to feel good about your place in the school community by giving you responsibilities and encourages you to be an active citizen.
  • The advantage is that it gets exciting issues moving and can deal quickly with issues that trouble you.

Get involved in your pupil council. You can make a difference!