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Format Open Distance Learning materials need to be designed in a way that is interactive, self supporting and a tow way communication between the learners and the materials. we have tried to develop these learning materials so as to cut across different learner categories and levels.

simple skills you may need when developing ODL materials

  • Introduce your self
  • Try to understand your leaners at first , look for their expectations, fears, motivations,understand their capabilities, this will help you understand their weaknesses and strengths
  • Define your learning objectives objectives
  • Attempt to make an overview of the module/lesson
  • If the module is defined into units attempt to define the objectives of each unit
  • If you are writing a module, in your body you should use active verbs, for example adressing learners as 'you'
  • Intext activities are very vital, ofr they make leaners to think and participate

& Attempt to emphasize key points

  • Attempt to use understandable visuals,visuals speak more than words
  • Attempt to remind learners of key points developed
  • Always attempt to give asummary of the whole lesson

Attempt always to evaluate your learners to see wheather learning has taken place, this may be in form of :

  • Group activities
  • Individual assignments
  • Attempt to make a followuo and always attempt to give feedback

In case you want to contribute to these skills you are welcome. Maseruka 07:38, 18 August 2009 (UTC)