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We are member of SUCAPRI project.The project's primary objectives is to strengthen the capacities of participating Universities in training professionals with the competencies needed to promote Agricultural and Rural Innnovation Processes so as to participate in decentralised national agricultural research systems. To realise this objective the project seeks to establish core groups(communities of practice) of teaching and staff in five participating Universities.

After realising the potential and value of Education for Development,Conventional Behavioral learning Approaches in Agriculture have not been effective in adressing the diverse learning needs of farmers. Traditional approaches to increase Agricultual productivity,research, extension and training of proffesionals in the field of Agriculture have not all that been effective in adressing the diverse and complex learning needs of farmers across complex farming systems. following a shift from a supply-driven knowledge sharing appproach to a demand -driven approach the potential of Open Distance Learning in bridging knowledge sharing gaps is vital for current efforts of IAR4D.

After realising these gaps Open Distance learning is seen as the only alternative approach towards adressing these challenges of the conventional approaches. we need to note that Adults are self directed learners that do not neccesalily get knowledge from customised institutions ,learning takes place any where, at any time and throug different forms.current challenges and changing trends call for flexible learning modes.

In order to utilise this potential ODLN aims at developing and disseminating Open agricultural education Resources(OAER) for farmers, and this will be through using this wiki educator platform. This is part of the Life long Learning project (L3F) to be lauched and implemented in Uganda funded by Common Wealth of Learning (COL).SUCAPRI has built capacities of ODLN in developing and using techinology-mediated ODL materials with support from COL.

feal free to join this platform and share OAER with us !!!!.