Writer Level 1 Course Material/LESSON 8: Controlling Page Appearance

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LESSON 8: Controlling Page Appearance

Page Orientation

Page Orientation is to change the edge of the paper. Portrait is to place the short edge of the paper horizontal and Landscape to place with the long edge of the paper horizontal. By default the page is on Portrait.

To Set Page Orientation

1.Click Format [[Image:|thumb|Figure 149: Menu Bar (Format)]] 2.Select Page [[Image:|thumb|Figure 150: Format Menu (Page)]] 3.A following window is displayed [[Image:|thumb|Figure 151: Page Window]] 4.On the Page Style Window change Orientation to Landscape [[Image:|thumb|Figure 152: Landscape Window]] 5.Click OK

Change Margins

You can set the space to be left on the Top and Bottom of the Page by setting the Top and Bottom margins

To change page Margins

1.Click Format [[Image:|thumb|Figure 153: Menu Bar (Format)]] 2.Select Page [[Image:|thumb|Figure 154: Format Menu (Page)]] 3.On the Margins Category adjust margins of the page [[Image:|thumb|Figure 155: Page Window]] 4.Click Ok

Page Border

To Apply a Page Border

1.Click Format [[Image:|thumb|Figure 156: Menu Bar (Format)]] 2.Select Page [[Image:|thumb|Figure 157: Format Menu (Page)]] 3.Select Border Tab [[Image:]] Figure 158: Page Border 4.On the Category of Line Arrangement Select all four borders 5.On the Category of Line Style Select 9.00 pt and 6.Choose a Colour of the drop down list of Colours [[Image:|thumb|Figure 159: Page Border Dialog Box]] 7.The Window will be as Follows [[Image:]] 8.Click OK 9.Final output [[Image:]] Figure 160: Page with Border

Headers and Footers

Headers and Footers are inserted to print page numbers and or text automatically at the top (Header) and bottom (Footer) of each page of the document.

To Create a Header

1.Click Format [[Image:|thumb|Figure 161: Menu Bar (Format)]] 2.Select Page [[Image:|thumb|Figure 162: Format Menu (Page)]] 4.Select a Header Tab [[Image:|thumb|Figure 163: Header Window]] 5.Click Ok 6.The will be a space at the top of the page for the Header 7.Type on the space provided at the top of the page. [[Image:]]

To Create a Footer

1.Click Format [[Image:|thumb|Figure 164: Menu Bar (Format)]] 2.Select Page [[Image:|thumb|Figure 165: Format Menu (Page)]] 3.Select a Footer Tab [[Image:|thumb|Figure 166: Footer Window]] 4.Type on the footer page provided at the bottom of the Page [[Image:]] Figure 167: A Page with Footer

Insert Page Break

Automatic page breaks are inserted at the end of a page. This is called a Soft Page Break. You can break a page where by on the page by inserting Hard Page Break. The following instructions make Hard Page Break

To Insert a Page Break

1.Position the Cursor where you want to break a page 2.Click Insert [[Image:|thumb|Figure 168: Menu Bar (Format)]] 3.Select Manual Break [[Image:|thumb|Figure 169: Insert Menu (Page Break)]] 5.Type select Page break [[Image:|thumb|Figure 170: Insert Break Window]] 6.Click Ok 7.A New Page will start where the cursor was positioned [[Image:]]