Writer Level 1 Course Material/LESSON 7: Inserting Graphic Elements

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Insert Symbols and Special Characters

Symbols and Special characters cannot be found on the keyboard for example Euro sign. £

To insert Symbols and Special Characters

1.Click Insert [[Image:|thumb|Figure 142: Menu Bar (Insert)]] 2.Select Special Character [[Image:|thumb|Figure 143: Speceila Character]] 4.A list of special characters [[Image:|thumb|Figure 144: Special Character]] 5.Select a Character you want to insert and 6.Click Ok

Insert a Clip Art Picture

You may wish to add to the Gallery any images that you use frequently, for example a company logo. You can then very easily insert these graphics into a document later.

To add images to the Gallery

1.Position the cursor at the insertion point. 2.Click Tools [[Image:|thumb|Figure 145: Menu Bar (Tools)]] 3.Select Gallery [[Image:|thumb|Figure 146: Tools Menu (Gallery)]] 4.Select category from the left. [[Image:|thumb|Figure 147: Gallery Window]] 4.Select an item to be inserted on the right of the window. 5.Right click on the item to display a context menu. [[Image:]] Figure 148: Insert from Gallery 6..Click Insert then Copy. :