Writer Level 1 Course Material/LESSON 5: Proofing a Document

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LESSON 5: Proofing a Document

Thesaurus has Thesaurus that helps you with synonym and other meaning of the words

To Use Thesaurus

1.Select a word first 2.Click Tools [[Image:|thumb|Figure 117: Menu Bar (Tools)]] 3.Select Language [[Image:|thumb|Figure 118: Tools Menu (Language)]] 4.Select Thesaurus [[Image:|thumb|Figure 119: Thusuarus]] 5.The window of Thesaurus will show a word you selected for example Talk [[Image:]] Figure 120: Thesaurus Window 6.From the Category of Meaning select other meaning like Speak from the drop menu 7.Click again Speak from the Synonym [[Image:]] 8.Talk will be replaced with Speak 9.Click Ok


The spell check can be set to automatically check a document as text is entered, which in turn underlines the word with red, wavy line.

To Check Spelling

1.Click Tools [[Image:|thumb|Figure 121: Menu Bar (Tools)]] 2.Select Spelling [[Image:|thumb|Figure 122: Spellcheck]] 3.The following window is displayed for Spelling [[Image:]] 4.Spelling check will highlights words that are not in the dictionary in red. 5.The is a Category for Suggestions of the words that are in the dictionary 6.Select one word for example dog from the list 7.Click Change to change the word 8.Click Close to close the window = Create a New Default Dictionary = You can create a new Dictionary from and later add words to you new Dictionary.

To Create a new Default Dictionary

1.Click Tools [[Image:|thumb|Figure 123: Menu Bar (Tools)]] 2.Select Spelling [[Image:|thumb|Figure 124: Spellcheck]] 3.Click Options Button [[Image:|thumb|Figure 125: Spellcheck Window]] 4.The following window is displayed [[Image:]] Figure 126: New Dictionary Window 5.Click New from the Window 6.The other window is displayed [[Image:]] Figure 127: New 7.Type the name of the dictionary to be created and choose a language to use (for example My Dictionary ) 8.Click Ok 9.Put a Tick on a new created Dictionary and Click OK [[Image:]] Figure 128: New Word to Dictionary 10.Click Add button to add new words in a New Dictionary 11.Click Close == Check Word Count == Check word count will count all Characters and words on your document as a whole and give you the results

To Use Word Count

1.Click Tools [[Image:|thumb|Figure 129: Menu Bar (Tools)]] 2.Select Word Count [[Image:|thumb|Figure 130: Tools Menu (Word Count)]] 3.The window will be displayed that display number of words and characters on the document [[Image:|thumb|Figure 131: Word Count ]] 4.Click OK :