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LESSON 3: Formatting Text

Formatting Text

You can apply many formats to characters using the buttons on the Formatting toolbar. Figure below shows the Formatting toolbar buttons that can be used to format characters.

Change Font and Size

When you type a document the are paragraphs or words that you need to increase a font size or to change a font type. The following methods show how to change a font and font size:

To Change Font and Size

  1. Select the text that you want to change the Font and Font Size
  2. Click Font icon
  3. A drop down of Font Names is listed select one from the list and the font will change
  4. Click Font Size icon
  5. A drop down list of Font Sizes is list
  6. Select one from the list and the Font Size will change

To Apply Font Styles

  1. Select text that you want to apply a Font Style
  2. Click Apply Style icon
  3. A drop down list of Styles is list
  4. Select a Style for example Heading 1
  5. A Style will be applied to a selected text

Apply Font Styles and Effect

Font Styles and effect are used to format text more for example to give a Shadows, double underline style and etc. The following procedure are followed to change Font Style and effects:

To apply Effects to Text

  1. Select text that you want to apply effects
  2. Click Format
  3. Select Character
  4. Click on a Tab of Font Effect
  5. The following window below will be displayed
    1. Set the font setting
    2. Select Dotted from the drop list of Underline
    3. Select Red from the drop list of Font Colour
    4. Select Small capitals from Effects drop list
    5. Put a tick on Outline and Shadow
  6. Click OK when finished

Change Text Colour

In the you can specify colours to use in OOo documents. You can select a colour from a colour table, edit an existing colour, or define new colours. These colours will then be available in colour selection palettes in OOo.

To Change Text Colour

  1. Select the text you wish to change a Colour
  2. Click on a Drop Arrow next to Font Colour icon
  3. A list of Font Colours are listed
  4. Select a desired colour and a selected text will change a colour

Highlight Text

To Highlight Text

  1. Select the text you wish to Highlight
  2. Click on Drop Arrow next to the Highlight icon

Copy Formats

To Use Copy Formats

  1. Move a cursor to a word or line that you want to copy formats from
  2. Double Click on FFormats Paintbrush
  3. Mouse point will change to a painting icon when you move it back to a document
  4. Highlight text that you want to format
  5. The highlighted text will have the format that you wanted.
  6. Press ESC from the Keyboard to remove paint brush.