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Sutton - Bikes and Art Camp

  • Year 7 and 8 pupils from Warrington, Macraes Moonlight and Purakanui Schools
  • Camping at Sutton Outdoor Education facility March - every odd year


  • To allow the pupils from these isolated schools to associate with other children of similar age and backgrounds EOTC
  • To learn safe cycling skills in a bike friendly climate - flat roads, rail trail and few other road users Health and PE
  • To appreciate and participate in poetry depicting the Otago landscape such as Brian Turner.
  • To immerse the pupils in art works depicting the beautiful landscapes of the area and artists such as Graeme SydneyThe Arts


  • Each school will make their way to the camp with bikes and art equipment
  • Warrington will organise the food for the 4 days
  • Each day the group will cycle off to explore the countryside to make sketches and take photos of the local scenery
  • Back at camp pupils will then use their sketches to create artist works using a variety of mediums
  • Each school will specialise in an art medium and bring materials and resources to camp to support this
  • Invite artists to visit us at Sutton to share their skills

Other bits

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