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The Three Peaks Cluster

Warrington School, Otago

Three Peaks cluster comprise a group of culturally, economically and socially diverse, small, rural schools situated in East Otago. We are Purakanui, Waitati, Karitane, Waikouaiti, Flag Swamp, Macraes-Moonlight, Palmerston and East Otago High School.

Our aim is to develop a lively professional collaboration to enhance the learning and development of the young people within our rohe.

Three Peaks Cluster WikiEducator Initiative

Following an initial workshop introducing the concept of Open Education, the cluster is seeking commitment from each of its member schools to advance the use of Open Education Principles and knowledge within the cluster.

A positive and realistic start for each school might be:

  • Set up individual log ins for teachers on the WikiEducator site.
  • Create an individual school page on the WikiEducator site.
  • Enrol in and complete Learning4Content. This is a series of online tutorials introducing participants to basic wiki skills.

We're hoping for a commitment for Member schools to complete these goals by the end of Term one, 2010.

  • Teachers committed to these goals:
  • --Nic P 22:49, 19 November 2009 (UTC)

Three Peaks Cluster Sporting and Cultural Fixtures

Term One

  • Week 6 - March 11 - Year 4-8 Swimming Sports at EOHS (Palmerston/Flag Swamp) and games at Palmerston Primary (Waikouaiti/Warrington).

Term Two

  • Week 3 - Year 1-8 Cross Country/Orienteering at Waikouaiti Sports Grounds (Waitati/Macraes Moonlight)
  • Week 7 - Year 1-8 Kaupapa Maori Festival at EOHS (Even years only)
  • Week TBC - Year 5-8 Technology Challenge at EOHS (EOHS)

Term Three

  • Week 4 - Year 4-8 Indoor Sports at Edgar Centre (Purakanui)
  • Week 9 - Year 1-3 Junior Gymnastics at Waikouaiti Hall (Waikouaiti)

Term Four

  • Week 3 - Year 4-8 Senior athletics at Palmerston Primary (Palmerston)
  • Week 5 - Year 1-3 Junior athletics at Palmerston (Palmerston)