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OMG!!!!! the play was amazing! everyone did soooo well!!! we preformed it last night 12th August! so heres a little treat of the back stage for you all!;


let me just say you rock!!! why I must ask is because you read mine and Andu's play!!!

What is a 'MOO BREAK'?!?!?!

Between scenes 2/3, 4/5 and 10/11 we had a 'MOO BREAK'. Now you're still wondering WHAT IS A MOO BREAK!!!!!!!???????

  • A 'MOO BREAK' is basically any thing you want it to be, as long as it is a minute or so long, enough time for characters to get changed.
  • How dose A 'MOO BREAK' work?!?!?!:

Well I just got some one who wasn't already in the play and went along from there we made it really funny and silly and interacted with the audience (be preprepared for them to interact back). We used props such as: face paint, makeup, necklaces and RUBBISH (lots and lots of rubbish)

P.S. a word to the wise

Don't leave your perfume (in you're makeup bag) in the hands of over excited cast members well your on stage (you know who you are girls!!!) Don't bring anything that costs over $50 or that you don't want to get ruined (only if you have over excited people)

THING YOU WILL NEED!!!(I'm not kidding this is important!!!)

  • Large stick to prod curtain man (if he's your brother)
  • Makeup, face paint and rubbish
  • Props
  • Costumes
  • Music
  • Dancers/ Actors
  • And what ever else you need!!!!!!

Thx N :)

One year on...

ok so one year on this is me!! I'm at high school now and have left little ol' warrington and I hope you all liked every bit of our script! it toke allot of hard work (and yelling) i didn't say that!!!

so now that you have read our script you can make your own, remember we were only 12 and 13 when we made this script so it wasn't like we had much experience!!! ANYONE can proform and direct a play you just have to have the people and will.............

xx N