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Wow! we just performed the play last night (august 12th) at Warrington hall. the response was amazing!!!it has taken a while to make and it is finally over. after this experience I have made some pointers and what to do in the months days and weeks leading up to the performance. I hope it will make it easier to perform and all that.

  • A month before performance:
  • find good music to dance to.
  • print off the script and practice, practice, practice!
  • start searching around for costumes because it gets pretty annoying when you have only days to go and you still haven't found stuff to wear.
  • A week before performance:
  • get all dances looking spick and span!
  • do a few practices up at your stage or you can measure the stage and draw it up on your court!
  • do some practices wearing the costumes.
  • make sure no one hates each other as that can set back the play a bit.
  • practice the most important scenes with the three main characters.
  • A day before performance:
  • if you have any props or costumes take them up to your stage so you won't have to cart them up on the night.
  • do a quick run through up at your stage or dress rehearsal.
  • and there is probably more but I have forgotten it due to lack of sleep and stress. (thank goodness I have chocolate in my lunch box!)

but there is more!!!!

Here is a list of the really good things that happened with our play and a lot of not so good things too.

  • GOOD!
  • people found out that they were really good at acting/ dancing but they did not know it untill they were part of the play!
  • it brought out the inner confidence in a lot of people.
  • lots of strong cast bonds were made with people!
  • Tash and I have got great reports for the dance/drama area which is good for our high school applications!
  • Tash and I have also learnt how to be good directors and have also gotten better at controling out of control cast members. PHEW!
  • BAD!
  • lots of people threatened to quit because things weren't working quite the way they wanted them to go.Which put a lot of stress onto Tash and I.
  • We had to move the play froward a month because people were getting bored and not concentrating.
  • There were a few fights and arguments between cast members and dancers which seriously got on my nerves!
  • Some practices were hell because people got way out of control of Tash and I and even our LOUD VOICES SHOUTING couldn't stop them!
  • And that's pretty much it! here are a few photos though for your entertainment!

Andrea :)