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Web 2.0 and Online Education

The term now is collaboration. It is not the type of teachers “magister dixit” we need. The teacher is no more the person that knows everything and that is not questionable. He is now a manager of intentions, of desires, of favourite subjects. His role is to show the way and help his students develop their own identity.
So teachers are in school to empower students and help them achieve whatever their goals they may want to reach. So they do not have to be these “wells of wisdom” but they must master the technology to make knowledge available to those who want to learn more about whatever subject they may desire.

--José Romão 14:51, 19 December 2009 (UTC)

Learning is a part of everyone's life. When it comes to learning , education plays an important role in it. Apart from the learning, in classroom a new source of education has come up which is online education. Online education has improved the scope for learning as it is available to the learner when they need it. Learners can go through the content any time. Under online education there are different resources which a learner can use to get a clear understanding of the subject of interest. Online education involves the usage of electronic media and information and communication technologies.They can watch videos, or go through some web pages to get some extra information. It has advantage over traditional classroom as it gives opportunity to the learner to explore the topic in greater depths and also the learner might find it more flexible to use as it user friendly and the learner can through it at any time , at any place and at any pace provided an internet connection is available. Learners may find it more accessible as these days internet is widely available. It is quite a great help to the learners who find it difficult to learn only through lectures where the class is more of teacher centred. Although it has many advantages it also comes with few limitations. There is no interaction between the learner and the source of learning . Learner might feel a sense of isolation. The learners coming from rural area may not be able to make use of this as they feel more comfortable in classrooms. Places where access to internet is not available learners may not be able to use it.Although it is user friendly completion of education takes more time.If a learner is having any doubt about anything shown in the video, they cannot ask teacher as they do in traditional classrooms. Online education helps in enabling the multiple intelligence of the learners which would make the learning more efficient. Online education even helps in easy access for learning.