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Hi Folks

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Be Alert !!!!!! Very shortly you will have a comprehensive tutorial detailing the steps that are needed to develop the skills needed to perform a Hardware Configuration of Siemens Simatic 300 PLC using Simatic Manager Step 7 software.

Who are the learners?

This document is intended for Trainers or Educators or students or people who are involved involved in the Automated Process Control who want to learn and develop Programmable Logic Controller ( PLC ) programming skills using the Siemens Simatic S7-300 PLCs.

  • Age of the learners
Above 18 Years of Age
  • Prior knowledge and experience in the intended topic and or technologies
 He/She should be well versed in the use of Computers and familiar with the use of  PLC   
 Programming Software such as Simatic Manager - Step 7 from Siemens 
  • Location of the learners in terms of access to technology
  • Language
 English Language 
  • Any prerequisite skills learners may require for your teaching resource.
 He/She should be computer literate and understand basic structure of a PLC and the different  
 Programming Languages