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One Day Sculpture - Dunedin

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This page is a collection of information to enable to development of One Day Sculpture - Dunedin: one of the exhibits in the national One Day Sculpture project. One Day Sculpture - Dunedin is commissioned by the Blue Oyster Art Project Space Catch up with the rest of the national project's news at the One Day Sculpture series website

This project is Curated by Caroline McCaw and Rachel Gillies

Participating Artists

Douglas Bagnall
Adam Hyde | Various Projects: Floss Manuals | r a d i o q u a l i a | simpel
Walker & Bromwich


The artists will participate in the creation of the artwork in Dunedin between the 6th and 20th December 2008.

About Dunedin

Here are some bookmarked websites on about Dunedin You can add to this list by signing up for an account with (it's very quick and easy!) then choose to 'post' a URL you have found. Make sure you 'tag' the URL with the tag onedaysculpture and it will be added to the list linked above!

Here are some images of Dunedin that others have taken on Flickr (all images sourced through this search are CCBY licensed if you want to reuse them - please attribute the author.)

Project Locations?

Check the googlemap created for One Day Sculpture that collates all the locations and discussions we've had over e-mail...

Peninsula Locations

from Adam: (18/08/08) I for one would like to think about using something a little out of the urban this possible? something like :
Albatross colony
the Albatross colony
or tunnel beach is that kind of thing in the ball park?

Rachel's image at Tunnel Beach
Flickr Images of Sandfly Bay by Rachel's wee brother

New Species

from Douglas: (03/09/08)
Recently I read a book about deep sea creatures, by a Dunedin scientist, Peter Batson. It seems that marine biologists can discover new species pretty much any time they want to, but they don't try because the paperwork is a killer. Now, we could go out and discover a new species on the day. Really. And get it called something onedaysculpturii. Then we can let the specimen go. The paperwork won't bother us because it is documentation, which is what we're really producing anyway. The university has a research boat. Probably we won't be able to use it and we'll have to find a coastal species, which is a lot harder. oh well.

paper cup fishing and listening

from Adam (03/09/08)
i was thinking maybe we could make the beach into an instrument...give people a paper cup with a short piece of nylon coming from the base, and a small hook - as in 'hooks n eyes' kinda hook...and then put things around the bach that they could use the cup to listen throw a fishing line in the sea and they could hook onto that and listen, or have a kite they could listen too etc

Ngāi Tahu

Ngāi Tahu Website

Duration - 24hrs...what does this mean?

From the One Day Sculpture website:
Presenting a range of national and international perspectives, the series will be characterised by a diversity of artistic approaches from publicly-sited installations of 24-hour duration to nomadic interventions across the city at moments during one day.


Please visit the One Day Sculpture website to download Press releases relating to the national Series.


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We would like to thank all our supporters of this project for their assistance:

Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand

Creative New Zealand