Ohad Essays Predicting earth quakes

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Earthquakes are one of the most hazardous and damaging nature disasters.Between the years 1963-1998 there were above 350,000 earthquake events around the world. That is why one of humanity's most desired wishes, is to predict these earthquakes.

One of the ways to accomplish that, in my opinion, is to follow the animals' activities.Animals are known to have the abillity to detect different nature disasters before they occur.

Let's say there's an earthquake coming or a tsunami on it's way to appear, the animals are most likely to detect it before it reaches the ground, or in a tsunami case, before it reaches the shores.This is a very useful idea for nature disasters detection, although, in order to follow the animals' activities correctly, we will probably need to cage the animals, which is something I'm against.

Animals need to be free and not in cages. In conclusion, my opinion is that we will build machines that copy the animals' activities, thus not hurting the animals' freedom, and helps detecting the nature disasters.