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Certain positions in the family really do affect our lives, if you are the oldest brother everyone would see you as the leader & follow your actions, but if you are the youngest, everyone would probably look after you & won't count on you. In my family, I am the youngest child. I have two bigger brothers, one is 26 & the other is 25. My position in the family does affect my life, I won't lie to you. I can see it, I always get what I want, I get more attention, but sometimes people don't listen to me, even if I know the answer. Although sometimes it is not the best thing a person can ask for. I'm always under the huge magnifying glass of my parents; I need to succeed more in school, I need to be home earlier if I go out and stuff like that. Bottom line is that I like being the youngest brother because I have big brothers that I can always count on and follow, but I do have a little regret that I'm the youngest but it's not like I can do something about it, I do want a little brother, to see what it's like.