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Rosh Ashana

In Rosh Ashana we usally go to my grandma to thr holiday, but this year we went to my mother's firndes to the dinner. In my family we are traditional and we do the all commandment of the holiday. We all sitted around the table.



In succot we usually build a "Succa" in our yard and sit there for the dinners in the night for 7 days, but this year my family and I will be in the U.S for 3 weeks. Soccat is my favorite holiday.

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A listening barrier is a common thing among student. Usually boring issues are the number one reason for listening barrier. After a long time of listening, the student start to lose interest in the issue And start to have thing that called listening barrier.

There are ways to overcome with the problem, like diagnosis and treatment by psychologist. Those ways are very common and a huge amount of people do it every year.

The best way to take care of problem is simply to have more brakes and To rest between the lessons (to students in school).

Brakes are very useful thing to overcome with the problem.

In calculation, today listening barrier is not a "un cure" problem. There are lots of ways to overcome with the problem.