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The authors would like to acknowledge many people who have generously provided contributions, guidance and comments during the creation of this report. Amongst those who have assisted are:

  • Mark Bellinger (USAID) Antony Bloome (USAID)
  • Greg Butler (Microsoft)
  • Neil Butcher (OER Africa)
  • Abel Caine (UNESCO)
  • Sir John Daniel (Commonwealth of Learning)
  • Ulf-Daniel Ehlers (European Foundation for Quality in E-Learning)
  • Julien Hofman (Independent law expert)
  • Derek Keats (University of the Witwatersrand)
  • John Lesperance (Commonwealth of Learning)
  • Bob Moon (The Open University -UK)
  • Kathy Nicholson (William and Flora Hewlett Foundation)
  • Tobias Schonwetter (Creative Commons, South Africa)
  • Mike Trucano (World Bank)
  • Trudi van Wyk (Commonwealth of Learning)
  • Zeynep Varoglu (UNESCO)
  • David Wiley (Brigham Young University)