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Below is a selection of open access resources which include textbooks and other educational materials. You may find more resources by searching the Internet using the phrase "open educational resources" or "open access textbooks."

Please read the terms of use for each resource and abide by the conditions outlined by the author(s).

  • OER Commons - Provides access to over 24,000 items for all levels of education that are publicly available for all to use and, with the inclusion of Creative Commons licensing, many of these resources can be legally modified or repurposed.
  • College Open Textbooks - The focus is on community college courses and the first two years (lower division) of undergraduate courses. Some textbooks are peer-reviewed.
  • Flat World Knowledge - Subjects include business & economics, humanities, social sciences, pure & applied sciences, etc.
  • InTech - Physical and health sciences books
  • Project Gutenberg - Classics and books in the public domain. Repositories of Teaching and Learning Resources