Objectives and Activities

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Objectives and activities

This proposal therefore, draws a road map to realising the following objectives:

  1. To institute a steering committee to manage the operationalisation of programme.
  2. To identify resource people in the region to handle the prescribed courses
  3. To orient the teaching staff to the modular mode of delivery
  4. To develop the modules for the prescribed courses and avail them online.

To achieve the above stated objectives, we propose to carry out the following activities:

Activity 1.0 Institute a steering committee to manage the running of programme

The steering committee will consist of at least one expert per RUFORUM participating country. The committee will assist in identifying resource persons in the region, advertise the programme widely.

Activity 2.0 Conduct a Training of Trainers workshop for the research methods human resource in the region

This activity will involve training the identified resource persons and orient them to the modular approach of delivery. Since the programme will have a strong applied component which will interphase the traditional biometry and general and emerging research methodology approaches, the training will also focus on how to deliver the courses different from what has been done before in similar programmes.

Activity 3.0 Refine the MRM courses, Develop the modules and design a schedule for delivery.

This activity will be carried out concurrently within Activity 2.0. so that the resource persons have face to face meeting to discuss and refine the MRM courses. The aim of such meeting would be to scrutinize the courses’ content and scope and hence agree on the scope and number of courses per semester (Core and Electives) and their sequencing. The output will be a refined course information booklet for the MRM programme, a general structure for the presentation of MRM modules developed and resource people taken the responsibility to develop the modules. Finally teaching schedule would be developed.

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