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Output Device

An Output Device is the place where we can obtain the results after processing has taken place.

The output from the computer is displayed in different formats using different output devices. The following are some examples of output devices:

  • Monitor

A Monitor is used to display output on screen

  • Printer

There are different types of printers such as Dot-matrix Printers, Inkjet Printers and Laser Printers

Dot-Matrix printers can be used to print carbon copies of documents. One disadvantage of Dot-Matrix Printers is that they are usually quite noisy.

Inkjet Printers are quiet and make copies relatively quickly.

Laser Printers use laser beams to produce good quality output. Of three types of printers, laser printers produce the highest quality output at the fastest speed.

  • Plotter

Plotters are commonly used to print large multicolored drawings of high quality. These drawings include charts, architectural and technical drawings.