The massage process revisited

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The massage process revisited

Massage process intermediate.jpg

In your first semester of training, you will have become familiar with the basic massage process. In the second semester, we will teach you skills which will act to deepen your effectiveness in each of the stages of the process.

The diagram of the massage process shown to the right has been expanded to reflect these additions to the process.

Appointment Booking

In Communication 2 you will cover communication techniques which will help you to build trust with your client – one of the major barriers to making a massage booking.

Prepare for massage

In both Communication and Spa Therapies you will further develop your skills in personal and environmental preparation.

Client Consultation

In intermediate massage, you will gain skills in subjective assessment and foundational skills in postural analysis which will help you to determine likely causes of a clients pain and/or injury.

Massage Treatment

The scope of your massage application will be expanded to include deep tissue massage, hot stones work, aromatherapy, and reflexology.

You will now be expected to record palpatory findings in your client records (as an Objective assessment).

Post-treatment Period 1

After your massage, you will be expected to spend some time analysing your assessment information, and developing a treatment plan for your client. This treatment plan will be expanded to include client exercises such as stretching and/or relaxation techniques.

You will also gain some rebooking skills through your study in Communication 2.