OPTM1 Study Skills/Index/Using Windows Live, MSN and Google groups

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Learning Outcomes

When you enrol as a student at Otago Polytechnic, you are automatically given a Windows Live account. In this learning module you will learn how to use

Signing in to your Windows Live account

There are two ways to sign into your Windows Live account.

1 - Via Otago Polytechnic's Website

  • Go to the Otago Polytechnic website.
(To open this in a new window right-click on the blue link, then select Open in new window)
  • On the right hand side of the screen is a box titled Webmail. Click on student webmail within this box, and you will jump to the log-in screen for Windows Live.
  • Your username & password should be printed on your fees invoice.

Once you've logged in, you should see your Hotmail inbox.

2 - Logging in to the Windows Live home page directly

If you do this, you'll come straight to the home page)

Introduction to the Windows Live Home Page

Watch this video which will introduce you to the Windows Live home page.

Useful things to know about streaming videos from the internet

  • Right-click if you want to open it in a different tab/window
  • If it's taking a while to load, click on the pause button to let it stream to your computer. When the red line has reached the right hand side you can watch the video. You have some free time. You could either switch to another tab & work in it while the video streams, or do something else - the dishes, some readings, massage practice, etc.
  • If you close the window after you've finished watching the video, then you will come back to this page.

If you click on Home at any time, you'll come to the Windows Live home page.


What are the services which are available here? For a start, let's look at Hotmail.