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Planning the OERu way

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The OERu is distinctively open and subscribes to open planning processes. The OERu Council of Chief Executive Officers recommended the development of a strategic plan at the inaugural meeting of the Council in November 2014. The OERu network is conducting our first open strategic planning consultation.

Strategic planning essentially aims to answer the questions: "Where are we now?", "Where should we go?", and "How do we get there?". We are now open for business to collectively answer these questions leading to the approval of the OERu Strategic Plan 2014 - 2017 at the November meeting of the Council.


Open organisation

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The implementation of the OERu is a large and complex project. In order for the resulting answers from our open strategic planning exercise to be actionable and meaningful, the OERu has organised the process using a number of working groups recommended during the 2013 series of meetings.

This strategic planning portal will be used to host the open planning consultations. We invite you to join our open planning activities.


What we're planning to achieve

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  • To collaboratively develop the OERu 2014 to 2017 strategic plan for approval at the OERu Council of CEOs meeting in November 2015
  • To concretise the value proposition of the OERu network for our partner institutions
  • To produce an integrated set of documents linking the strategic plan, to associated management structures, and the operational priorities for 2014.


Our timeline for success

Note: Dates are examples and will be rescheduled

Activity Dates
Phase 1: Open consultation
Consultation on strategic goals 31 March - 6 April 2014
Consultation on 2014 operational priorities 7 April - 13 April 2014
Working groups publish their objectives for the group By 13 April 2014
Consultation on objectives for strategic Goals 1 & 2 14 April to 20 April 2014
Consultation on objectives for strategic Goals 3 & 4 21 April to 27 April 2014
Working groups finalise group activities and schedule By 27 April 2014
Phase 2: Synthesis
SCOPE online seminar: Bringing the OERu strategic pieces together 28 April to 2 May 2014
Consultation with OERu Council of CEOs on key performance indicators and strategic targets June 2014
Strategic planning working group draft the strategic planning documents By 31 July 2014
Final phase for comments August 2014
Phase 3: Approval
Approval of strategy by OERu Council of CEOs 10 November 2014