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OERu Quality Review Project

Meeting: September 29, 2017 Note: this meeting will be recorded and a link posted here.

Present: NOTE: this meeting was cancelled in light of the Quality Project work to be undertaken at the OERu International Partners Meeting in Toronto.

Agenda Working Party members to add agenda items

- ACHIEVE Rubric - possibility to include? [Adrian]

- Assigning roles for action [Adrian]

ACTIONS from the last meeting

Wayne: to contact Alberta eCampus for access to the quality documentation and toolkit eCampusAlberta site no longer exists, but traced a snapshot of the quality tools via the Internet Archive Wayback machine.

Wayne: to determine if there are linkages between this work and that undertaken by the OERu Curriculum & Planning Group.

All members: to become familiar with the linked documents, to contribute others as appropriate, and to be prepared to discuss the documentation at the next meeting.

Note: all members have agreed to use the Quality Review Project website, the chat.oeru.org tool, and the OERu Community tool to support open and transparent planning processes and accountable communication. In addition, all future meetings of this group will be recorded to become part of this record.


- ACHIEVE Rubric - possibility to include? [Adrian]

- Assigning roles for action [Adrian]


Next Meeting: via Zoom (to be recorded): [1] (last Friday of the month) 10.30-11.30 am (AEST)