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OERu Quality Review Project

Meeting: March 23, 2018 Link to the meeting recording: <insert link here>. https://usq.zoom.us/j/9842006166



Agenda Working Party members to add agenda items

  1. Driven by the ACTIONS below.
  2. Overview of current research [Dan]
  3. LiDA102 QA mini project (running code ;-)) [Wayne]
  4. Discussion of the draft plan [Adrian] Project outline
  5. Alignment with the OERu Course Evaluation Survey so that the data sought from students aligns with a quality review, leading to actionable change? [Adrian]
  6. Approval of OERu courses for credit transfer [Wayne]
  7. Joining the OERu social network on mastodon.oeru.org [Wayne]
  8. Get account on chat.oeru.org and join the #quality channel.
  9. Recordings of the meetings [Adrian]

ACTIONS from the last meeting

ACTION:Dan and Carina are to provide a short-list of framework for consideration by the group. This will be a discussion point at the next meeting; all team members to be prepared.

ACTION:Adrian to draft a proposal document for comment in advance of the next meeting. COMPLETED; see AGENDA

ACTION:Carina to check if the Group can have access to the Workbook designed for the OEL Toolkit; share the Workbook with the Group.


Arising from the Actions above.

Dan: will provide the Group with an overview of her research to date.

Other Agenda items (to be added by the team)


Next Meeting: via Zoom (to be recorded): [1] NOTE: Will need to be discussed due to Conference Travel in April.