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OERu Quality Review Project

Meeting: June 1, 2018 Link to the meeting recording: <insert link here>. https://usq.zoom.us/j/9842006166

PLEASE NOTE: the time for this meeting has now changed to 9.00am AEST.

Present: Wayne Mackintosh, Maureen Glynn, Adrian Stagg

Apologies: Carina Bossu

Agenda Working Party members to add agenda items

  1. Driven by the ACTIONS below.
  2. Proposal for two teams of action [Adrian]
  3. Meeting the project deadline and frequency of meetings [Adrian]
  4. Planning for the Open Access Week event [Adrian]
  5. Members to add agenda items

ACTIONS arising from this meeting

1.Review the PM101 Micro-course using the Straw Dog Review Checklist by the next meeting [All team members]

2. Set up all documents in a GDrive Folder ready for the team [Wayne]. NOTE: this will be an interim measure until Collabra is more fulsomely developed. When this occurs, the team can commit to using this OSS.

3. Provide Wayne with details of each team members' GMail account [All team members]

4. Schedule fortnightly meetings [Adrian]

5. Post to the Discourse Forum to engage partner institutions in discrete blocks of activity [Adrian]

6. Provide a link to Californian courses in the OER Commons and the review tool used for these courses [Maureen]

Discussion summary

Commitment to produce the Review Toolkit, and Examples of Practice (evidence). Additionally the Style Guide will most likely be reviewed as an outcome of this process.

Commitment to an iterative check based on practice (ie conducting a review) that aligns the Review Tool with existing literature, and comparable tools currently used in the higher education sector.

The discussion about Open Access Week has been held off until July.

Next Meeting: June 15, 2018; via zoom.