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OERu Quality Review Project

Meeting: July 27, 2017

Present: Adrian Stagg, Wayne Mackintosh, Linda Ward, Danielle Dubien (as both contributor and researcher of OERu processes).

Introductions were made with a brief overview of skills within the team. Linda: Educational learning design, previous experience with open courses via CSU MOOC on Indigenous Studies, and OLT Grant work (with Sandra Wills & Carina Bossu). Danielle: Instructional design (open education) in Africa and Canada Adrian: Educational design, library and information management, interest in open educational quality, and policy. Wayne: Learning design, OERu infrastructure, processes, open source software applications.


Outcomes: The outcome of this working party will be to produce a review tool for the OERu that reviews and evidences quality criteria and indicators in open courses. It will also produce a ‘users guide’ to provide advice and context for those wanting to implement the tool, or adapt it for other contexts. Design approach and pilot: It was agreed that the design process would be open, iterative, and incremental, with testing occurring at regular intervals. The priority course for review will be Learning in a digital age, and will act as the pilot for the tool. Additionally, ‘design for reuse’ will guide decisions about adaptation and publication of the tool.

Program-level alignment (scope): It was decided (after discussion) that whilst program (degree) level alignment across courses/units would be desirable in a traditional offering, the approach would not necessarily work for the OERu where the emphasis is on learner autonomy and choice, rather than an imposed structure. However, it may be possible to explore linkages within a set of micro-courses (eg where four micro-courses build toward a credit-bearing outcome), but quality will initially focus on discrete micro-course level reviews.

Approach: in the first instance the working party will gather a number of examples of practice in reviewing courses (both open, and closed). These will be synthesised, and adapted into a single tool. The review documents will need to reflect the OERu context and will require modification (for example, many review documents will reference an LMS, which is not part of OERu operations).


Adrian: to set up monthly meetings for all participants and provide the Zoom link (Completed)

Adrian: to contribute a link to the USQ StudyDesk Expectations (review document) on the planning page

Wayne: to contact Alberta eCampus for access to the quality documentation and toolkit eCampusAlberta site no longer exists, but traced a snapshot of the quality tools via the Internet Archive Wayback machine.

Adrian: to contribute a link to the TIPS v2.0 Framework for consideration by all team memebers

Wayne: to determine if there are linkages between this work and that undertaken by the OERu Curriculum & Planning Group.

All members: to become familiar with the linked documents, to contribute others as appropriate, and to be prepared to discuss the documentation at the next meeting.

Note: all members have agreed to use the Quality Review Project website, the chat.oeru.org tool, and the OERu Community tool to support open and transparent planning processes and accountable communication. In addition, all future meetings of this group will be recorded to become part of this record.

Next Meeting: via Zoom (to be recorded): [1] (last Friday of the month) 10.30-11.30 am (AEST)