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After much deliberation and discussion, we have elected to use the following as the strapline to complement the updated OERu logo

Global Sharing, Affordable Learning

Sharing speaks to the core values and practices of human nature to which we espouse, and is the essence of free and open source software. It shows our humanity and has an emotional connection.

While "affordable" may not sound radical, the solutions we are adopting to achieve it are. The sustainability of higher education is the most significant challenge facing publicly funded institutions in the history of their existence. No industry can survive increases in consumer prices that have been increasing at rates in excess of the inflation index in most parts of the industrialised world for more than a decade.

Previous versions

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Inspired Vision. Accessible Education

  • Proposed as prime candidate
  • Positioning statement in three words

List other alternatives and ideas

  • Progressive. Productive. Purposeful.
  • Invest in yourself
  • International. Progressive. Affordable
  • International. Innovative. Affordable
  • Universal. Innovative. Affordable
  • Purposeful innovation partnership
  • Universal digital learning
  • Open Source, Open Access, Open Education
  • Open vision. Affordable Education
  • Knowledge shared.
  • Open, accessible education for all. Only motivation required.
  • Aptitude + Access + Motivation = Open Education
  • Open, Flexible, Accessible Education
  • Accessible Education. Open Horizons
  • Affordable education for all
  • Opening education to all
  • Bringing education to billions (But Disney might not approve)
  • Education as a global good
  • Openly helping the other half of humanity realise their potential
  • Opening up education for all
  • Opening education up wide for all. Making it ever better through collaboration