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(Project information, objectives, goals – What are we creating?)

Providing supporting materials and content to build awareness for the OERu brand

Deliverables Needed

(Copy, printed materials, blog posts, email/direct mail, etc? How much copy is appropriate for this project?)

Web copy Email drip campaign
  • Online brochures
  • Media releases
  • Additional documentation
  • Supporting letters
    1. Initial letter of introduction
    2. Series of follow up letters
  • Social media presence/content
  • Quarterly Newsletter – template and content

Primary Audience

(Who are we talking to, and how will they be using this creative concept? What are the demographic and psychographics of this specific audience? What do they like, what do they hate?)

  1. Global educational institutions – Vice-chancellors, middle-management, and recruitment specialists
  2. Potential students learners with the desire for advanced education, without convenient access to the means
  3. Donors philanthropists that see the importance in educating the world

Tone and Voice

(What is the most effective tone to properly represent your brand? Funny and light, or more formal? Instructional or informative? What does your target audience believe about your brand? Is there any particular emotion that we should tap into to make this creative as effective as possible?)

Professional/ Academic. Informative and inspirational. Transparent and open.

Messaging: Features, Benefits, and Value

(What is the number one reason to choose your brand? What are your clients telling you they love/hate about this product? Why is your product better than your competition?)

For learners: “Study world-class courses for free - and count them towards real qualifications!”

For institutions: “Create opportunities at the global level – building awareness for your brand while demonstrating your philanthropic vision”

Call to Action

(What specifically do you want the audience to do as a result of this copy? Sign up for a newsletter, purchase your product, become a fan/follower in Social Media, etc)

Become an OERu partner


(What is the timeline for this project? When is the final creative required?)

As outlined in contract completion for June 30, 2016


(Who will sign off on this project, and if different, who will be the communications person)

Wayne Mackintosh is the contact for all things OERu. We will consult openly and sign-off will vest with the co-conveners of the Marketing, Communications and Partner engagement group and the Director of the OER Foundation.

Project Mandatories

(What specific features must be included in the copy? ie: URL, email address, phone number, professional designations, best before date, disclaimer, etc)

Embrace the open and transparent direction:

  • Document drafts posted on the WikiEducator site
  • All work outputs licensed under a CC-BY-SA license