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NOTES: Meeting August 27, 2015

Partner Engagement Group meeting Thursday, August 27, 4-5 PM Pacific

ATTENDING: Gail Morong, David Porter, Farhad Dastur, Lenora Lemay, Jim Tittsler, Irwin DeVries

VIA: Google Hangout

1. Overview - KPIs

Due to time and priorities we are focusing on the first 3 KPIs primarily. The others should follow naturally. These are:

  • Review, refine and publish OERu partners and course development

manual (incorporating critical friend review from a number of new OERu partners)

  • Complete digital skills for collaborative OER development and run pilot offering during 2015 (working towards induction programme for new

OERu staff). (Shared KPI with Course approval and quality).

  • Expand OERu community leadership roles (and corresponding buddy system to mentor new community leaders.)
2. Target Audiences (Each Member Institution)

Agreed on the need to focus on target audiences within partner institutions. There is some common content and process but also some separate streams. The main target audiences are as follows (represented by function not necessarily position - positions are examples only).

  • Senior Administration, Marketing, Communications
    • -GOALS: Big picture, value, business models, internal capacity building, communication tools
  • Faculty, Course Developers, Learning Designers, Curriculum Developers & Media Specialists, Copyright, Librarians
    • GOALS: Course design, development and collaboration, assessments, OER; Creative Commons, learning resources, media, OER. This group also includes Academic Departments, particularly those that are involved in the discipline of the OERu courses being developed at the institution.
  • Production, Programmers, Ed Techs, LMS administrators, IT
    • GOALS: Managing LMS, CMS, wiki building, tranclusions, Wordpress, Github, etc.
  • Registrar, PLAR specialists
    • GOALS: Assessment, credit, transfer, policy

Implication is that each of these groups need their own information, though there is certainly overlap. The content in the current resources can be used but realigned for each of the groups. I.E. Senior Adminstration doesn't need to learn wikitext, and curriculum developers don't need to deal with the LMS issues unless that's their role as well.

In addition it was agreed a learner resource also needs to be developed but that's not the current priority.

3. Current Resources

Following are the current resources available:

As mentioned above each of these could be reorganized to each of the target audience and in multiple levels.

FIRST: At the simplest level, Overview, this may be a video (POST meeting note - Gail and Irwin volunteered to produce this quickly if that's agreeable to the group). This video would be suitable for all target audiences, and include a brief interview with someone from each of those areas who can simply state what that role needs to accomplish for the OERu in relation to their institutional setting.

SECOND: Organize the video and web brochure with the "Five things you need to know" where every participant views these overview materials. These first two items could be used as institutional internal presentations if desired, either by an external volunteer or internal member.

THIRD: For each target audience, reorganize the materials below so that there is both (a) text and graphic content for that area, and (b) mini Moocs for each specific target audience. Once a few people have taken this training and are experienced, they can both continue to train their own institution as well as perhaps facilitate for other institutions in the same area. E.g. the tech people might have a mOOC specifically on wiki operations, linking to an LMS, etc. *Note: Spell out all our acronyms.

A system of mentoring and consultation could arise out of this.

We don't believe this is actually a lot of work, but more a configuration of each of the tools currently available.

4 Priorities

  • Supporting course development and credit transfer.
  • High level video for new or recent institutional orientation.

6. Decisions and next steps

  • Partner engagement group to comment on these notes by Sept. 8, 2015. If possible invite input from own institution.
  • Next step will be to develop video and reorganize content (workplan) to be established by Sept 12..
  • Full draft program available for review and approval at Fall OERu meeting in SA.