Initial Consultation on OERu Privacy and Terms of Service Policy

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Summary of activity outputs


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Key points
In preparation for the launch of AST1000 as the first OERu prototype course, the OER Foundation has prepared a draft OERu Privacy and Terms of Service Policy for OERu.
  • The policy covers the management of personal information, responsibility of users, clarification of the services provided by the OERF for users, copyright, and clarification of the relationship between OERu learners and the anchor partners.
  • OERu philanthropic services are offered on an "AS-IS" and "AS-AVAILABLE" basis without express guarantee or warranty for fitness of any purpose of the free services and corresponding content hosted by the OERF for the OERu network.
  • In the first instance, given the short notification and period for feedback, the OERu Privacy and Terms of Service Policy must be acceptable to the contributors of the AST1000 prototype and the OERF, but may be refined as required when more OERu anchor partners offer assessment and credentialing services.

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Instructions for initial consultation
OERu anchor partners and interested observers are invited to:
  1. Review the Draft OERu Privacy and Terms of Service Policy
  2. Provide peer-review, feedback and suggestions by the close of business on 5 October 2012.
  3. Feedback should be posted below on this wiki page.
  4. The OERF and University of Southern Queensland will implement refinements as required for the initial prototype offering of AST1000
  5. There will be opportunities for further consultation among OERu anchor partners as they commence with the delivery of additional OERu courses and assessment services.

Peer-review and feedback from OERu anchor partners and interested observers

  • Add your feedback here and remember to sign your contribution - --Mackiwg 02:55, 1 October 2012 (UTC)