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Developing criteria for course contributions to OERu

I've been been compiling criteria for identifying courses that might be suitable for the initial offering. Ideas were mostly gathered from this Wiki and associated documents. Thoughts on this would be welcome.

Form and access
Materials must be in digital form and freely available on the Web
Resources = Teaching, learning and research resources
Full courses (initial focus)
Other future potential (standalone[?] or incorporated in the courses noted above):

  • Course materials
  • Modules
  • Textbooks
  • Streaming videos
  • Tests
  • Software
  • Games and simultations
  • Any other tools, materials or techniques used to support access to knowledge (Atkins, Brown & Hammond 2007)

No excessive bandwidth requirement
Free from 3rd party copyright issues
Non-proprietary media formats – i.e. common players
Developer contracts without restrictions
Convertible to low-tech formats
No required purchased textbook (difficult!)

Individual or group learning (? Important topic for discussion)
Formal or informal contexts
Self-assessment features (self-test - quizzes)
Avoiding excessive localization unless relevant to course outcomes (...or not...Good discussion topic)

Program elements
Qualify for lower level credit initially
Acceptable for credit towards Bachelor of General Studies

Quality assurance elements

Processes to assure student selection/advising/recruitment, which may vary insitutionally within a federated OERu set of overarching principles.

Processes to assure summative assessment (and maybe formative assessment too)

Processes for programme leadership and coordination

[ is this more appropriate in another section? - Niki Davis ]

Current and in overall good shape

NOTES: The textbook issue alone appeared to make a major dent in our list (which is still under development) - and this argues strongly for concomitant work in open textbooks and journals.

The question around self-directed and collaborative models needs a lot of thought. Either way I think the courses will probably need some degree of review to "neutralize" some of the instructions to accommodate an agreed-upon meta-pedagogy.

Comments/edits are welcome
--Idevries 08:02, 20 October 2011 (UTC)