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Course name

Enter course name here (delete this text once answered.)

Year level

Enter level here, eg first year Bachelor level (delete this text once answered.)

Brief description of course aims or learning outcomes

Provide a brief overview of the main course aims and learning outcomes so anchor partners can make a tentative assessment for cross-credit potential. (delete this text once answered.)

Anticipated date of completion for course contribution

  • Ready for 2012 prototype (Fall 2012 / 2nd Semester)?: Yes / No
  • Later date: Please specify

Local accreditation and credential(s)

  • Will the course be accredited towards a credential at your institution: Yes / No
  • Names of local credential: for example, Bachelor of Arts, add more if applicable.

Brief summary of preparation requirements for an OER course

Provide a brief summary of what is required to make the course available as an OERu offering. Eg converting existing course resource into OER, assembling from existing OERs, or new development to be released as OER (delete this text once answered.)

Further comments

Please provide any additional comments or information relevant to the selection of this course as a 2012 prototype candidate (delete this text once answered.)