OERu/OERu 16.10 Meeting/Issues for CEOs meeting

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Please list any issues you would like to be tabled at the OERu Council of Chief Executive Officers meeting on 5 October 2016


  1. Allocate sufficient resources and "smooth the way" (e.g getting things through senate process) for the launch on the date we determine
  2. Cost effectiveness and cost models.
  3. What is the role of the academic board with respect to evaluation?
  4. What steps need to be taken towards aligning accreditation? Conversion of students dealing with us as "open source collaborators" into something more like members of our university communities.
  5. Program design
  6. Learner support
  7. Challenges in understanding communications from and history of OERu - getting the big picture
  8. What can the network do to improve partner recruitment for better geographical representation?
  9. What can the network do to communicate and demonstrate the cost-benefit advantages and strategic points of difference?
  10. Marketing: How can partner institutions assist in getting the word out about OERu learning opportunities?
  11. Target date for MVP launch
  12. Template / course outline for course approvals
  13. Work on architecture / work on product
  14. Research strategy
  15. LiDA open boundary course prototype.


  1. Group #11 & 1 (How is the group moving forward - what is the deliverable)
  2. Group # 8 & 9 Geographical distribution (C0st - benefit advantages.)
  3. Programme design
  4. Balance of architecture / product
  5. Clarify the longer term goal (full degree).
  6. Accelerate limited scope pilots by small group of partners.
  7. Risk management
  8. What does success look like for respective partners.
  9. Partner cost / budget implications.
  10. Research / evaluation