OERu/OERu 16.10 Meeting/Group 4 Critical friend review

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What is the OERu doing well?

  • Transnational qualification framework and matching / standardising course sizes for internationalisation - valuable for applying in different internationalisation projects.
  • Values piece - important rallying point
  • Product for MVP
  • Templates for adopting open source technologies
  • International collaboration on course design
  • Possibilities for improved contextualisation - what lessons can we learn from different jurisdictions

Where or how can the OERu network improve?

  • Representation - only one partner from Middle east, need to achieve better global balance.
  • Confirming credit transfer implementation across the network
  • How can OERu improve the student experience
  • How to communicate the "Executive summary" of partner benefits
  • How to improve curriculum and programme of study (types of courses to include in the OERu programme.)

What are the top 3 priorities this partner meeting should address?

  • What can we collectively do to implement the assessment and credit transfer with the network
  • What can the network do to improve partner recruitment for better representation.
  • What can the network do to communicate and demonstrate the cost-benefit advantages and strategic points of difference.

Do you have any issues which should be tabled at the OERu Council of CEOs meeting?

  • Add points here