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Task: Develop proposal for action to improve OERu organisational and staff development

Existing resources

  • DS4OER course - Course on how to design and develop OER collaboratively using the OERu publishing model. Historically offered once each year
  • OCL4Ed - Course on copyright, open licensing and OER. Has been offered many times, although not during 2016.
  • Concept ideas for OERu Induction mOOC

Remember to add any issues that your group would like to be tabled at the CEOs meeting on the issues list.

Who needs SD?

What staff are we talking about?

  • Academics
  • Technologists
  • Pedagogic support staff – learning units etc
  • Intermediaries advocates third sector organisations NGOs etc

Long term

  • Career structure and reward is required ‘behind’ and in support of open and / or OERu
  • Move from ‘not invented here to proudly borrowed from there’
  • Potentially beyond this project - Some fundamental staff development such as - rethinking owner of content, role of student, co-creators of the curriculum, vertically integrated projects, supporting staff to rethink Learning outcomes. In short – developing digital literacy in staff and students.

Medium term

  • The legal requirement (copyright, accessibility etc.) materials are available already
  • Within an organisation what is the route to work with open and / or OERu
  • Open badge to Open practitioners? To demonstrate level of engagement / capability builds on Open University’s ‘becoming an open educator’ materials part of staff induction? Openlearn works Build on existing schemes such as HEA
  • How to get open materials through the internal system
  • Look at open as part of role description ‘what is a lecturer’
  • Skillsets for developing courses online – move from what am I going to do? To what are the students going to do?


  • ‘Time to move beyond the heroic champion’s time to make this normal’
  • This needs to be a focus -Academic staff – how to make use of OER and the tools and systems pedagogy/technology; simple ‘what next’ development sessions/materials.
  • Staff development for Admin staff – how to deal with OERu students before and after them becoming Institutional students
  • Camtesia’ session capture style demonstrations for available tools