OERu/OERu 16.10 Meeting/Group 2 Technology roadmap

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Task To plot the OERu technology roadmap for 2017 and beyond and to brainstorm strategic technology projects for the OERu partnership

Existing resources

Technology roadmap

  • SSO is main thing
  • Integrating blockchain in credentialing
  • promoting open alternatives (e.g. Appear.in over Skype)

Strategic technology projects

  • Single Sign-On should be a major priority (and might be very valuable for partners if we can get it working)
  • Open Badge Backpack ("blockchain-ready")
  • After MediaWiki, what next... (can we achieve that "best of both worlds" solution that retains the flexibility and rigour of MediaWiki with the ease of collaborative content management of WordPress)
  • Create an open, safe place for partner representatives to express technology needs and get feedback on tool options (and succinct insight into pros and cons) from the open source world. (see Note below)


  • "Hypothesis is cool" - people who aren't "tech-curious" need a way to usefully see and understand the implications of new technology... where people with a need for a tech solution but no insight into "what's possible" can ask questions of technologists who might know what's possible but be oblivious to the prevailing needs...

Decision recommendations

Don't forget to assign responsibility for implementing the decisions - i.e who will do it