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Task To discuss how OERu can improve learner support via Academic Volunteers International

Remember to add any issues that your group would like to be tabled at the CEOs meeting on the issues list.

Existing resources


  1. The OERu model does not require partner institutions to provide tutorial support.
  2. OERu refers to learner support rather than student support to distinguish between the relationship between OERu and the learner when compared to the student and OERu partner institution. (There is no contractual relationship between the learner and an OERu partner until they request and register for assessment services.

How can OERu improve (or "provide") OERu learner support?

  • Self-study non credit courses in language of instruction - language level testing
  • Online academic integrity courses / research skills / academic writing
  • Information about OER and open pedagogies
  • Online career suggestions - possible program outcomes and choices --> for the program advisory committee to consider
  • Peer support - connect learners to other learners
  • Warnings on how to read terms and conditions of internet resources
  • Technical problems contact

How learner support be implemented via AVI?

  • Paid tutors ("Big Button") at willing institutions
  • Student volunteers (AVI)
    • Use students who completed a course and badges be moderators for that area
      • Course in online moderating for students
      • Badge in online moderation
  • Peer video chat tool: e.g. appear.in
  • Social annotating tools - use targeted overlays rather than new structures
  • Recommend tools (Hypothes:is) - YouTube / Vimeo video
  • Careful about providing our own discussion boards (trolls, etc.)

List action steps to improve OERu learner support

  • Create common student support area in wiki
  • Make inventory of best resources on the web and at partner institutions / link to them
    • Conduct regular link checking - see GPL Link Checker
    • Archive key resources for backup
  • Identify options / suggestions as to tools students might use for course work and peer collaboration
  • Encourage OERu course developers to refer students to tools areas within main area
  • Look further into H5P framework & plug-ins

Decision recommendations

  • Link to existing resources, don't re-develop or place in wiki
  • Develop common area in wiki for student support
  • Set up student ratings for tools
  • Set up student surveys and recommendations on new tools (see Sandstorm)
  • Prioritize priorities prior to launch