OERu/OERu 16.10 Meeting/Group 2 Critical friend review

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What is the OERu doing well?

  • Technology is doing well and is much improved!
  • We do have courses. Significant improvements in offerings.
  • Marketing has improved. (Resource kits, etc...) Coherent messaging.
  • Simply maintaining momentum, in this turbulent field, is an achievement.

Where or how can the OERu network improve?

  • Create a path to assist partners to intergrate OERu's tech in their local uses.
  • Target marketing materials to make it easier for partners to make their cases internally.
  • From an outsiders perspective, there is still some confusion and lack of clarity on what OERu is all about. Simple how-to guides, with focus on how people in specific roles can engage with OERu.
  • Are we collecting data, etc... that will allow us to do research on effectiveness (or other related subjects) in the future. Should we think about the data and metadata we are collecting?

What are the top 3 priorities this partner meeting should address?

(Maybe not "top three", but worthy...)

  • Do we want to pursue fundraising from external sources more aggressively? There are pros and cons.
  • Weaving in research consideration into Year One. Concept of easily collected "micro-evaluations", such as things Amazon does.
  • How do we engage with our students, to gather their feedback and integrate that into our offerings and practices. ie, we are not talking about co-creation (example of Lifehack University).

Do you have any issues which should be tabled at the OERu Council of CEOs meeting?

  • Cost effectiveness and cost models.
  • What is the role of the academic board with respect to evaluation.
  • What steps need to be taken towards aligning accreditation. Conversion of students dealing with us as "open source collaborators" into something more like members of our university communities.