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Task: Scope what needs to be done to ensure that the assessment of MVP courses translates into credit for OERu exit qualifications.

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Key points
  1. The OERu model is designed to operate withing existing institutional policies
  2. The OERu MVP will focus on transfer of transcripted credit assessed by the respective OERu partner (recognising that other models are possible)
  3. Course sizes differ across national and provincial jurisdictions. For purposes of MVP we are assuming that partners will not issue transcript credit for individual micro courses (but recognise that institutions may recognise assessment of individual micro courses for transfer credit).
  4. OERu has agreed two exit awards
    • Certificate of General Studies conferred by Thompson Rivers University
    • Certificate of Higher Education conferred by the University of Highlands and Isalands
  5. The OERu model recognises that transcript credit can be recognised towards qualifications at partner institutions which are not listed as "OERu exit awards".

Key resources

Remember to add any issues that your group would like to be tabled at the CEOs meeting on the issues list.

What steps are needed to ensure that the OERu MVP courses translate into credit for the two exit qualifications?

  • Ability to review course outlines for all MVP courses, including course topics, learning outcomes, learning hours (depending on system), prerequisites if your institution has any...
  • Does each institution need to develop its own formal protocol for handling these courses?
  • Creating articulation guidelines for each course in each institution's system.
  • Refer back to Course Design Blueprint
  • Assessment criteria should be transparent

Centralized vs. Standardized?

Need for a course design template

What can OERu do to encourage more partners to offer assessment services for transcript credit for existing MVP courses?

  • Evaluate each institution's assessment capability

Do we mean assessments or the ability to offer assessments

How should OERu proceed to increase the number of listed exit qualifications using the existing MVP courses?

  • All should emphasize the need for English Composition courses as a requirement of all programs.
  • Encourage institutions to look at their exit qualifications frameworks within their jurisdictions to see if they can offer additional certifications.

Decision recommendations

Remind ourselves of the 2015 draft of the program streams and build on that.