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Task: Brainstorm objectives for the OERu strategic plan 2018 - 2020

Aim: To commence work on drafting the OERu Strategic plan 2018 - 2020 for consultation during 2017.

Existing resources

Remember to add any issues that your group would like to be tabled at the CEOs meeting on the issues list.

Suggestions for Short Term Goals

  • Implement first-year to feel we’re moving forward (not spinning our wheels);
  • Remind partners of their commitment to produce at least 2 courses for OERu;
  • If partner is unable to produce 2 courses, find alternate way to contribute; perhaps partner could pay another institution to create their course;
  • Create a position to develop and co-ordinate partner relations to build/ strengthen community
  • Review current roster of partners to determine whose still involved/whose out

Suggestions for Long-Range Goals

  • Aim to develop year 2, 3, 4; with the objective to deliver options for credentials at each exit point (ie.) 2 year diploma (60 credits) in general studies or an associate degree in something
  • Develop a concrete plan to recruit students
  • Provide academic oversight to compile streams/themes of courses that have a sensible/useful outcome and to fill in gaps of missing disciplines (STEM) and other areas;
  • Develop a robust accreditation system to permit course or block transfer for students to achieve credentials;
  • Develop a concrete academic plan to co-ordinate future courses and programs and to work out any potential overlaps or difficulties for student completion

Decision recommendations

Don't forget to assign responsibility for implementing the decisions - i.e who will do it