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Task: Scope OERu Ambassadors initiative to assist with partner recruitment and sharing information about OERu

Existing resources

Remember to add any issues that your group would like to be tabled at the CEOs meeting on the issues list.

Who should be OERu ambassadors?

  • Students
    • Students testimonials and learning artifacts
    • Also alumni who might want to support a specific course or target student group
    • Graduate students, researchers
  • Employers
  • Instructional designers, TLC staff
  • Faculty
    • As Developers
    • As Researchers
    • As Teachers
  • Partner institutions
  • Administrators

What will OERu ambassadors do? How will it work?

  • Collect narratives, data, artifacts, as per the following:
  • Students - stories, experience and outcomes - both novice students and experienced who have completed courses or certificates, include in student newspapers, need the student lense. Also students who use OERu courses in their own traditional program,
  • Faculty - as developers – think about open boundary courses – networks outside of the classroom – as researchers as well – e.g. design based research (design of courses in OERu environments), also beneficial learning for F-F courses, new pedagogical understandings for discipline based research, builds communities, pedagogical research within the disciplines, benefits of adoption of OERs for under-advantaged
  • Instructional designers, teaching and learning centre staff – overcoming design challenges, new open pedagoeis, new tools and techniques, new communities – brings IDs and faculty developers together, enlarges the practice of developing and learning
  • Administrators - raise more awareness in their own institutions and elsewhere

What actions are needed to implement OERu ambassadors?

  • Finish MVP and get testimonials, stories
  • Obtain data and evidence to start presenting
  • Promote research, conference, publication and presentation opportunities
  • Have resources open licensed and available for everyone to use
  • Link blogs and twitter feeds

Decision recommendations

  • Institutional representatives build these ideas into their institutional action plans
  • Have common OERu area to share ideas, stories, resources and to share their activities