OERu/OERu 16.10 Meeting/Group 1 Critical friend review

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What is the OERu doing well?

  • bringing disparate institutions together - collaborating rather than competing.
  • being a lean organisation

Where or how can the OERu network improve?

  • Get the MVP out the door

What are the top 3 priorities this partner meeting should address?

  • Pick a day for OERu MVP launch, and announce the launch date publicly to provide a bit of motivation
  • Identify the minimum team of partners required to launch the MVP
  • Defining the "step by step" process to success for *each* partner institution (to be undertaken after this meeting)

Do you have any issues which should be tabled at the OERu Council of CEOs meeting?

  • Allocate sufficient resources and "smooth the way" (e.g getting things through senate process) for the launch on the date we determine

Other Ideas

  • approach Hewlett Foundation (among other funding providers) to help fund a "publicity splash" (Rory)


  • David Bull
  • Rory McGreal
  • Rajiv Jhangiani
  • Judy O'Connell
  • Christine Bovis-Cnossen
  • Rhiannon Tinsley
  • Dave Lane