OERu/OERu 15.10 Meeting/Group 4 Critical friend review

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What is the OERu doing well?

  • Established network without much funds
  • Provide enrichment to participants
  • Every step of the movement is documented and transparent
  • Models open practices
  • Genuine bottom-up movement

Where or how can the OERu network improve?

  • Not hitting targets for participation
  • Selling clear benefits to CEOs e.g. newsletter
  • Sharing of related institutional policy documents
  • Wiki not always intuitive
  • Whole institution need to be involved
  • Clarity of where OERu is going
  • Need parallel progress in course and framework development
  • Start looking at themes
  • Strategic needs analysis to identify portfolio of courses – could be low-hanging fruit

What are the top 3 priorities this partner meeting should address?

  • How to get courses up and running
  • Start to identify themes for courses development
  • Dealing with RPL i.e. the “OERu credit transfer and course articulation guidelines”

Do you have any issues which should be tabled at the OERu Council of CEOs meeting?

  • How to sell the OERu case to CEOs – clear summary of benefits