OERu/OERu 15.10 Meeting/Group 3 Promoting effective collaboration

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* Discussion to include marketing

Attending: Denzil Todd Catherine Kirk Tony Marc Irwin (reporter)

  • What's been happening? Not much, organic - goal has been 50 partners for viability
  • We know who our students are but not others
  • Need gate to plate model
  • 2 levels of marketing, one to the institution, other for OERu
  • Institution has to understand the purpose
  • Could use simple infographic or perhaps animated videos
  • How does this fit into institutional branding?
  • Using implementation team for informal marketing
  • Has not been a lot of this in course development
  • Low (perceived) cost of not collaborating
  • How to engage with partners based on interests? - worked mainly on the individual level
  • Introduce collaboration encouragements at course proposal level - skill-trading economy
  • Also think of students as collaborators
  • Issue calls among the partners
  • Start earlier - what is the need?
  • Increases quality - harness the power of the network
  • Collaboration - some standardization vs individual institutional practices?
  • Research collaborations