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The objective of this breakout is to develop a proposal for action to achieve a minimum viable product for the OERu first year of study leading to one or more exit credentials with pathways leading to the Bachelor of general studies. Key questions include:

  • What does minimum viable product look like?
  • What courses will we assemble?
  • What steps must we take to achieve our objective of minimum viable product for the 1st year of study?
  • Who is going to action these steps?
  • When will we achieve minimum viable product?


Wayne Mackintosh to summarise on behalf of the Curriculum and Programme of Study working group

  1. We have a smorgasbord board of 50+ course nominations but are clearly lacking in sufficient product for the first year of study.
    • 30% of these nominations are earmarked for two programmes with corresponding exit credentials (Diploma in Tertiary Education and the Postgraduate Diploma in Disaster Risk Studies.)
    • 10% (5 courses) are 2nd year level
  2. 14% (7 courses) are 3rd year level
  3. David porter recommends that minimum viable product (MVP) demonstrating an end-to-end process requires:
    • 5 to 10 exemplar courses
    • Completed by a target date (eg June 2016)
    • Hosted on a common platform
    • Available from one location (OERu.org)
    • From which students can participate,
    • And on completion could be directed to OERu institutions providing assessment,
    • Where they could achieve a credit-based assessment
    • Towards transcript credit that would be awarded, badged and recognised towards an exit credential.
  4. We have prototyped, trialled and tested a collaborative authoring approach and high-level structure to produce professional mobile responsive content that can be integrated into the majority of learning management systems in the OERu network.
  5. Micro courses are recommended to facilitate virtual mobility and reuse.
  6. Critical path requirements - Ideally:
    • The course nomination (or set of micro courses) must be available for assessment and transcript credit at a minimum of one OERu parter.
    • The set of courses in the MVP must be able to articulate to at least one exit credential through credit transfer or assessment services / challenge for credit for all courses in the MVP set at a minimum of one partner.

What steps are required to bring the existing 1st year nominations to minimum viable product status

  1. C Programming 101 (IT Sligo)
  2. International relations in Asia and the Pacific (USQ)
  3. Art Appreciation and Techniques (TRU)
  4. Introduction to sustainable practice (Otago Poly)
  5. Atmosphere weather and climate (UHI)
  6. Geography tourism and sustainability (UHI)
  7. Introduction to Psychology 1 (KPU)

What steps are required to achieve and complete the programme specification for the 1st year of study?

  1. Identify which institutions in the network can offer an award for the 1st year of study
  2. Establish the course requirements for the award
  3. Establish how existing 1st year courses fit the identified awards
  4. Agreed to use the existing OERF platform
  5. Agree to develop a full year

What steps are required to identify, assemble and prepare courses for delivery for the 1st year of study?

What are the operational priorities for 2016 and related KPIs for achieving the 1st year of study?

Recommendations to be tabled at the CEOs meeting?