OERu/OERu 15.10 Meeting/Group 2 Improving course nomination process

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  • need a handful of targetted short course/programs not just the Bachelor of General Studies which is felt is hard to market (noting that each short course could also form a study stream/major in a Bachelor of General Studies)
  • an opinion emerged that a Bachelor of Business might be a more marketable proposition that a Bachelor of General Studies
  • appoint course/program directors for each OERu courses/programs to drive the development of a number of coherant programs which meet particular markets/needs, this needs to be done consultatively so the network agrees on the programs/streams
  • we note the tension between the needs of education in developing countries for getting jobs that exist in those countries, vs adult learners getting their first degree in developed countries ( broader topics and broader employment options) - so having multiple courses/programs and directors across the different institutions should allow us to meet a broader range of different needs
  • program director's task is to review the courses that are completed that can be included in your program or major, and select other courses which have been nominated but not yet developed to also be added to the program
  • call an EOI for people to work together to complete the nominate and/or develop the courses needed to create a complete study stream (preferably with some funding)

Contributions from virtual participants

(These points were copied from the Etherpad set up for virtual participants.)

  • Find a way to incentivize partners to contribute core curriculum, not just niche/halo courses. Encourage more joint applications.
  • Have a category for institutions willing to credential existing OER-based courses offered by non-OERu partners.