OERu/OERu 15.10 Meeting/Group 1 Improving IAP process

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What are the opportunities and strengths of the OERu institutional action plan (IAP) process?

  • Document and share institutional commitments to OERu

What are the shortcomings of the OERu IAP process?

  • Collect course metadata required for the course development schedule

Recommendations for the future

  • Improve format to focus on an "action plan" with defined outputs and who is responsible for the outputs.
  • Incorporate solutions to identify and support institutions who wish to collaborate.
  • Improved briefing taking institutional readiness into account. 1st tier of action planning (understanding of what membership means.)
  • How can ensure that the Executive make the call for the IAP.
  • One page report to CEOs - bi-annually.

Virtual participant contributions

(Points below copied from the Etherpad for virtual participants)

  • Give priority to finalising the development of at least one of the institution's full course nominations so that the completed course may be offered to OERu learners as early as possible during 2016.
  • Explore opportunities for active collaboration with OERu partner institutions on the development and possible joint delivery of courses.